Fossa Teknologi Indonesia

Fossa is a software distributor for ObserveIT, PlateSpin, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name itself was taken from one of the most agile animal in the world, which adopted by Fossa Teknologi to represent agility in the real implementation. All the three core products are quick (less than a month) to implement, thus all Fossa products offer fast time to value for partners and customers.

Enterprise Software Solutions

PCI-DSS Compliance

Do you know when somebody is using your password? Can you tell the auditor what did your vendors do inside your data center? Can you convince your business partner that their data is safe with you? See how ObserveIT can help you to comply with PCI-DSS Chapter 10 with almost no effort.

Visual Session Recording

ObserveIT monitors and records all user activity on Windows and Unix/Linux servers and desktops. The system generates video recordings, user activity logs, behavioral analytics and real-time alerts. The result is a complete solution for identifying and managing user-based risk.

Protect from server failure and site–wide outages

Having one set of disaster recovery products for your physical servers, and an entirely different set for your virtual environment, typically means increased cost. Not just in software licenses, but also for staff, training, support and more.

As soon as vendors discovered that all actions are being recorded, it became much easier to manage them... the process of troubleshooting errors and holding vendors accountable became much smoother, which led to greater stability in our applications - Moti Landes, CBC Group's IT Infrastructure Manager & IT Division CISO