Identifying Fraudulent Activity

Fraudulent activity could be committed by anybody outside or inside an organization.
Unfortunately, insider fraud could cost much higher business exposure than the outsider one.

Identifying fraudulent activity from the insider is best by using forensic analytics to reconstruct financial fraud based on electronic data, however it might be very exhaustive to analyze a large amount of forensic data.
Therefore identifying fraudulent activities in a large scale, would require the right tool to process massive use of data analysis.

ObserveIT as a Gold winner of the 2015 Global Excellence Awards in Forensics can provide you:
1. Identity Theft Detection, it will send alert when your username and password is being impersonated by other computer in the network
2. Threat Detection Dashboard that shows infrequently used applications as well as potentially abnormal activity
3. Shared Account Identification, to identify the person who uses shared account
4. Complete reconstruction of fraudulent activity audit trail, that you can playback like watching a recorded video

ObserveIT provides complete audit trail of user activity in your servers.

Do you know that ObserveIT consumes as little as 20MB/day of forensic data for 1 typical server?

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