Insider Cyber Crime

Insider cyber crime sometimes reffered as white-collar crime, it might come from anybody who has access to the internal network. It could come from employees, contractors, or business associates.

The threat may involve confidential information leak, fraud, or malicious software intentionally left running on the computer systems.
A report published in July 2012 on the insider threat in the U.S. financial sector gives some statistics on insider threat incidents:
• 91 percent of the victim organizations suffered financial loss, with amounts ranging from hundreds to hundreds of millions of dollars.
• Audit logs helped to identify the insiders in 74 percent of the cases.
• In 87 percent of the cases, the insider used legitimate system commands in committing the malicious activity.
• 81 percent Of the perpetrators planned their actions in advance.
• 80 percent of the perpetrators committed the malicious acts while at work, during working hours.


How can a software like ObserveIT help you?  

ObserveIT is like a security camera in your servers, it generates text audit log on whatever the users do, with human-friendly video recording.  As soon as people discovered that all actions are being recorded, it became much easier to manage them.

ObserveIT has built-in functions as follow:

  1. User Activity Monitoring can provide complete user activity logs (even though the application doesn’t produce any log)
  2. Ticketing System Integration can limit administrators access to critical system
  3. Threat Detection Console can help you identify unusual application (or potentially malicious left running software)
  4. User Behavior Analytics can help you identify potentially malicious activity


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