Shared Account Identification

ObserveIT has built-in Shared Account Identification function that can be used to link shared account (like root/administrator) with individual user who is using it.

observeit forced-identification windows

Although seems to be similar with enterprise password vault and Privileged Identity Management, ObserveIT delivers significantly stronger audit.

Privileged Identity Management solutions only capture sessions initiated via the vault, which is only used for shared privileged accounts. In other words, these solutions do not log or record any sessions initiated by people using individual named accounts, whether they are privileged users or business users.  Therefore it might leave a blank spot for audit.

ObserveIT enriches privileged identity management with a searchable user activity with better detail, and ObserveIT also captures the entire sessions initiated by all users, therefore it can completely reconstruct any incident involving both shared privileged login as well as individual organization’s users.



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