Threat Detection Console

ObserveIT generates user activity audit logs, and continuously process it in it’s built-in Threat Detection Console that can be used to spot suspicious activity in an organization.

ObserveIT Threat Detection Console enables organization to proactively deal with any unauthorized activity that could indicate the presence of a threat. ObserveIT’s Threat Detection Console provides at-a-glance graphical charts and reports of the status and trends of ObserveIT activity, enhancing the ability to discover potential security problems or threats.

Some of the most significant metrics shown by Threat Detection Console are:

  • Most Active Computers Now.  It can help you to identify who is the outliers, and what is he doing right now.
  • Infrequently Used Applications.  It can help you to identify potentially unwanted software in your organization which may deal with data breach, such as Wireshark, RAdmin, etc.
  • Leap Frog Logins.   It can help you to identify whether your data center is sterile from jump server.


ObserveIT - Threat Detection Console


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