PlateSpin Forge : Out-of-the-box disaster recovery solution

A single hot spare for up to 40 servers: Once up and running, PlateSpin Forge creates a copy of your production physical servers (up to 40 server workloads), stores them on itself, and keeps them up-to-date with incremental replication.  With PlateSpin Forge, you can protect workloads across geographically dispersed sites and rapidly recover in the event of server downtime or a site disaster.

Sandbox testing for your production server: Not only is this the easiest testing mechanism on the market, but because PlateSpin uses both a fenced-off network as well as duplicates of the recovery workloads, your software deployment testing can be done on PlateSpin before you do the real deployment on production workloads.

PlateSpin Forge 700

PlateSpin Forge 700

PlateSpin Migrate : Hassle free server refresh, yes you can move a data center while it’s still running

Can you do a tech refresh in less than 60 minutes downtime? Advanced features such as Server Sync and live transfer allow you to run the your server migration in the background without shutting down the production server. You’re able to test the new server, and run a final synchronization and cut-over to ensure up-to-date data—all while limiting downtime.

Can you test your server migration?  Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an important key to successful migrations, and includes testing into every workload migration job. With PlateSpin Migrate, you can remove the hidden dangers of workload migration.



Fossa is authorized NetIQ PlateSpin distributor in Indonesia