PlateSpin Forge

PlateSpin Forge as a Hot Spare for up to 40 production servers

PlateSpin Forge is your single hot spare for up to 40 servers.  Once up and running, PlateSpin Forge creates a copy of your production physical servers (up to 40 server workloads), stores them on itself, and keeps them up-to-date with incremental replication.

PlateSpin is your “RAID 5 like” solution to survive a server failure.

PlateSpin Forge 700

PlateSpin Forge 700

PlateSpin Forge for Disaster Recovery


PlateSpin Forge is designed to simplify disaster recovery plan. PlateSpin Forge does physical server online backup with scheduled replication over the network, thus it doesn’t require thorough data recovery process like image backup or data mirroring. In short, PlateSpin Forge replicates the entire workload (OS, Application, and Data), while data replication only replicates the data within the workload.

With the whole workload backup, PlateSpin Forge can easily failover/replace the production workloads should it have any hardware problem. After the hardware problem rectified or replaced with the new one, PlateSpin Forge can failback the workload to the designated production server.

That’s how PlateSpin Forge simplify the business continuity plan methodology for disaster recovery. PlateSpin Forge simplifies operation in data center, administrators should not worry about the software and data synchronization anymore, because they can just simply take care of the workload as a whole.

PlateSpin Forge can protect workloads across geographically dispersed sites and rapidly recover in the event of server downtime or a site disaster.


Fossa is authorized NetIQ PlateSpin distributor in Indonesia