PlateSpin Migrate

Platespin Migrate is a solution for server migration, it migrates the entire Operating System, Applications, and Data, from a server workload into another server, usually it is used for server refresh (when the server hardware support cycle ended, and the new hardware has arrived).  The source and destination could be either physical server or virtual machine.

PlateSpin Migrate provides organizations with a mature, proven solution for testing, migrating and rebalancing workloads across infrastructure boundaries from desktops to data centers.   It’s basic functionalities are:

  • Live Transfer: You can use Live Transfer for the migration or image capture of active servers without taking the source servers offline or having to reboot.
  • Server Sync: Server Sync allows you to perform an initial transfer to the target site or host, test the workload in the new location, and then perform a final sync before cutting over the workload all while continuing to run the source.  Thus it can save a huge bandwidth for data center relocation or server consolidation.  This how we can achieve 1 hour downtime for server refresh (switching old server to new server).
  • Concurrent migration: PlateSpin Migrate enables up to 40 simultaneous workload migrations. This dramatically reduces the time required to complete your data center migration projects.
  • Test the destination: Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an important key to success and includes testing in every workload migration job.

PlateSpin Migrate provides you hassle free server refresh, yes you can move a data center while it’s still running, server refresh cycle is no longer a nightmare.

With just USD 350 per server license (equivalent to IDR 4.700.000 / server), you can now migrate the server on-the-fly, test it, switch old server to new server in just 1 hour downtime.  Have we mentioned that we migrated physical servers in Papua, while we were doing the entire process from Jakarta?

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Fossa is authorized NetIQ PlateSpin distributor in Indonesia