SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power

sles_power_iconSUSE is the best Linux for IBM Power that supports RAS.  Get the most of your IBM Power by exploiting the RAS features of your hardware platform to enhance your system reliability and reduce service costs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 works with IBM POWER8, which offers RAS features like inventory collection (VPD), platform error reporting and handling, and responding to Emergency Power Off Warning (EPOW) events. The basic POWER platform-related tools and packages like ppc64-diag, servicelog and lsvpd are included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 to provide faster resolution.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 also supports IBM POWER8 Little Endian (LE) 64-bit processor architecture.


By migrating to IBM PowerLinux servers, we reduced our leasing costs by more than 50 percent and can set up environments for new customers 80 percent faster.”

Head of Infrastructure, IT-Informatik GmbH


Cost and Efficiency

Maximize your return on your IBM Power investment by adding or moving Linux workloads on to an existing Power system. By putting previously idle Power processors to work, you can run more workloads without adding network infrastructure, consuming more floor space or increasing energy costs.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM Power also provide a competitive option for scale-out computing. Together they provide better performance, higher availability and more flexible scale options dollar-for-dollar than x86 systems. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM Power leverage the virtualization benefits of PowerVM and PowerKVM to allow you to run more workloads per system and realize an average savings of 30 percent over other hardware and virtualization solutions.



SUSE and IBM have worked together for more than 20 years to develop industry-leading, Linux-based solutions. SUSE and IBM have more than just a partnership; we work together on technical development, customer support, and innovative offerings supporting green computing for the benefit of our mutual customers and business partners. SUSE worked with IBM to deliver Linux to IBM mainframes in 1999, we were the first to develop Linux for IBM Power and we continue to lead the pack in supporting new IBM Power features.

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